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Multi-Screen Encoding/Transcoding
The HERO 5000 series is based on Media Excel’s HERO multi-screen transcoding software package. The software processes video on standard Intel X86 servers and can easily be setup as a highly reliable live encoder/transcoder or as a powerful off-line transcoder. For increased density in a single RU server Media Excel’s multi-core DSP-based accelerator boards can be installed on the PCIe slots providing unmatched flexibility and scalability. HERO also supports HEVC/H.265 encoding for both Live and VoD.

Cloud-based Multi-Screen Encoding/Transcoding
On HERO VS, HERO software runs as a virtual machine for cloud transcoding services. Several commercial (Amazon, IBM, Atos, Fujitsu etc) and private (VMWare, KVM etc) cloud environments are supported. HERO VS also supports HEVC/H.265 encoding for both Live and VoD up to 4K/UHD resolutions.

Point-to-Point Encoding/Decoding
The HERO Contribution Encoder and Decoder product line is ideal for content gathering, head-end feeds, confidence feeds with the flexibility to deliver high quality low-latency video anywhere you need. Further, the new HERO HEVC Contribution Encoder and Decoder product line provides additional bandwidth savings by utilizing HEVC encoding.

HERO Network Management System HERO Contribution Encoder/Decoder HERO Contribution HEVC Encoder/Decoder HERO Cloud Transcoder HERO Live Encoder/Transcoder HERO File Transcoder

Quality - Video Quality remains the paramount feature that customers demand and encoder vendors are graded upon. HERO’s leadership in the encoder Video Quality has been proven throughout the years. HERO was chosen against other encoder vendors in head-to-head shootouts with major companies like MobiTV, LGU+ and Telstra. High Profile clients like the NBA, NFL, Olympic Games and the World Cup have relied on HERO’s superior quality to deliver exceptional content to their viewers.

Reliability – Next too quality the most important aspect of a video delivery infrastructure is its availability and reliability. HERO and HERO Management Software (HMS) deploy a series of mechanisms to ensure strict compliance with fail-over redundancy and high availability. HERO’s reliability has been proven out in the FIFA World Cup where ESPN delivered 71.8 million minutes of live streaming over 64 soccer games with 100% uptime, using Media Excel’s encoding solution.

Density - Channel density and speed become an important parameter when channel count is high or is expected to grow fast. This is also tightly associated to budgetary, CAPEX and OPEX constrains as channel density directly affects rack space, power consumption, cooling and maintenance costs. From a Total Cost of Ownership perspective, HERO delivers.